APRIL 6, 2024

The Church of Scientology inaugurated a spectacular new Ideal Organization at an event and location like no other, offering true spiritual freedom in the global capital of culture, marking the latest astonishing chapter of the religion’s expansion with a Grand Opening that was truly magnifique.

The Eiffel Tower. The Arc de Triomphe. The Louvre. The Seine River. The Olympics this summer.

Now, to the list of things that people must see in Paris, add the stunning six-story, glass-and-wood architectural and spiritual masterpiece that is the Ideal Church of Scientology and Celebrity Centre Grand Paris.

On a gorgeous Saturday afternoon that was years in the making, the walls and floor of her state-of-the-art grand auditorium were shaking with joy and jubilation as luminaries of the International Association of Scientologists (IAS) who traveled from all over the world gathered for this once-in-a-lifetime event. They joined French Humanitarians and legions of those prominent Parisians whose efforts resulted in this stunning accomplishment, now a treasure for all.

The audience applauded over and over again, first for the live music that kicked off the festivities, then for the speeches from civic leaders who gratefully and graciously welcomed the opening of the Church.

Reflecting the momentous nature of the occasion, Mr. David Miscavige presides over the historic ceremony honoring the glorious new Church of Scientology and Celebrity Centre Grand Paris.

But the loudest ovations, both inside and throughout the grounds—where thousands more watched the event on giant screens in enormous marquee pavilions accommodating overflow crowds—were for Mr. David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board Religious Technology Center, as he dedicated this spectacular new center.

“No, I would not have missed being here with you for anything,” he told the raucous and welcoming crowd. “While we’ve opened Ideal Orgs in other cultural epicenters, megacities of significance to our entire global movement, well, this one crowns them all.”

“After all, you are in the Cultural Capital of Earth, and at the top of every ‘Best’ list. Best art. Best food. Best … Tower,” Mr. Miscavige said. “And now this city can also lay claim to: Best Ideal Org Building on Earth.”

Amidst the ebullient fête, Mr. Miscavige also spoke of the city’s heritage as the home of those who fought for freedom.

“There is a birthright of this land that cannot be forgotten. It traces back to the strong voices of your Enlightenment in ages past,” Mr. Miscavige said. “By that I mean those who first championed the rights of man, the dignity of man and who gave birth to a phrase all but synonymous with the spirit of this day: Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.

“I say nothing better represents those ideals—and, in fact, the doingness required to attain those ideals—than your new Ideal Organization of Paris.”

Mr. Miscavige reminded the crowd that Paris was home to the very first Church of Scientology on European soil, established in 1959, but then added, “This is how you are about to create your own future legend.”

The remarkable new 95,000-square-foot Church of Scientology in Grand Paris serves to illuminate the Church’s explosive growth worldwide—and signifies the fourth Grand Opening in the previous six weeks. This six-story, glass-encased tour de force stands front and center for all Paris to behold—overlooking the A1, France’s most traveled motorway, and thus will be seen by more than a quarter-million people each day.

The Church is located in the Greater Paris district of Saint-Denis and just steps away from the Stade de France, the National Stadium that will host several competitions for the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics, as well as the Closing Ceremony. Saint-Denis will further serve as home to the Olympic Athletes’ Village.

Beyond the gleaming exterior and the modern geometric wood portal, the facility’s towering atrium inside mirrors the presence of an enchanting sequoia tree. “Growth rings” individually inlaid into the terrazzo floor and a circular balustrade lined with a leaf pattern extend the sequoia motif as guests wind their way up the 50-foot-high space bathed in natural light from the massive skylight above.

The stunning new home to the oldest Scientology congregation in France is expressly designed to serve the 20 arrondissements (communities) of Paris, not to mention all districts across Île-de-France. To that end, the facility accommodates the Church’s many outreach initiatives and multifaith alliances with an elegant flair. The acoustically impeccable Chapel is configured for all manner of events, including interfaith forums, drug education conferences and human rights summits, and also serves as an auditorium for performances of all kinds—as displayed with the riveting music that opened the day’s celebration.

Among the songs that brought the crowd to their feet was the original anthem “For Liberty We Stand.” All attendees clapped and joined in as performers sang:

Freedom is here in our hands

Say yes we can

Vive la France, this is our chance

For liberty we stand!

Several local dignitaries and Church partners next spoke at this buoyant inauguration, including Dr. Mouslim Fidahoussen, a prominent religious scholar, interreligious expert and Imam, who addressed the Church’s role in delivering hope where hope is at times lacking, and most especially through L. Ron Hubbard’s nonreligious moral code, The Way to Happiness.

“When it comes to all people,” Dr. Fidahoussen said, “no matter their race or faith, we can all agree upon these main objectives of life: to be happy and to have the truth. You give them an opportunity to find their own way to happiness.

“Even right here in district 93, your legacy precedes you. Your teams have delivered The Way to Happiness to places where happiness was probably considered just a fairy tale,” Dr. Fidahoussen said. “Door-to-door distribution in the roughest neighborhoods and hand-to-hand delivery into commercial districts, reaching bakeries, butchers and cafés—altogether you bestowed a miraculous 40,000 personal copies and, in so doing, you have made these streets smile.”

Mr. Jean Maher, an international human rights expert who has served as advisor on rights issues to both European and US national governments, first became aware of the Church’s passion for the subject over a decade ago. Since that time, he has partnered to champion the adoption of human rights in France and around the world. “It is an honor to speak to you at this unbelievable moment,” Mr. Maher said during his address.

“As a citizen of France, I certainly consider it a duty and honor to carry forward this legacy of human rights. And your tradition of service includes delivering no less than 400,000 Human Rights booklets to the city squares, the train stations and all across France. By your actions in our communities, you are helping create a society that is not selfish, but rather one where people respect one another.”

Mr. David Guyon, a constitutional law expert and university lecturer who has fought against forced psychiatric commitment, works alongside the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR). “I speak to you today out of our shared partnership in seeking to shine the light of truth onto injustice. The restriction of freedom must be systematically contested and severely fought.

“Forced incarceration inside hospitals has doubled in recent years in this country. And with 80,000 hospitalizations a year, the real scene is grim. But with CCHR, I was able to push open doors where I couldn’t before, to counteract this rising abuse,” Mr. Guyon said. “You are the ones breaking the stranglehold of psychiatry and giving thousands back their lives!”

Dr. Petar Gramatikov is a representative for the United Religions Initiative and as such holds membership on the United Nations Committee on Freedom of Religion or Belief. Dr. Gramatikov praised the Church’s work in promoting dialogue with other religions. “The international interfaith community is founded upon bringing about a calmer, better society for all religions.

“If you want to know who is the voice of interfaith progress, it’s you—the Church of Scientology! You have demonstrated an unconditional commitment to interreligious unity,” Dr. Gramatikov continued. “By so doing, you are promoting future peace, future partnership and future prosperity. It practically goes without saying that you are at the leading edge among today’s religious movements.”

The final guest speaker, Ms. Elodie Maumont, is a tenacious attorney who specializes in defending civil liberties and religious freedom. “Today is the embodiment of your persistence in broad shining daylight.

“This moment is your realization. It was driven by your perseverance and your passion. If we could bottle just a small amount of the life you bring to what you do, this world would be a different, brighter and peaceful one. We are putting the Church back in the middle of the village.

“So, in honor of your Founder and his vision, this new Ideal Org stands in representation of that infinite freedom for all of Paris and all of France!”

With the ceremony drawing to a close, Mr. Miscavige addressed the crowd. “And with that, we prepare to welcome Paris, in totality. So will begin your new legacy, as you invite the world to discover Scientology like never in history. But for now, today, we celebrate this stellar Ideal Org in the City of Light.”

At which point, the thousands of enthusiastic parishioners and curious visitors eagerly thronged to the Church’s grand entrance. Then as the giant blue ribbon atop the glistening building cascaded down, fireworks shot up, streamers filled the air, the doors were thrown wide and the multitudes crossed the threshold to tour this new spiritual home, the exquisite Ideal Church of Scientology and Celebrity Centre Grand Paris, now very much open.

Not just for this day, and not just for these guests—but for all of Paris, eternal. Vive la France! Vive Scientology!

The new Church of Scientology and Celebrity Centre Grand Paris provides the city with an introduction to Dianetics and Scientology and all Church-sponsored humanitarian programs, beginning with the Public Information Center. Its displays, containing more than 500 films available in 17 different languages, present the beliefs and practices of the Scientology religion and the life and legacy of Founder L. Ron Hubbard. The Information Center also offers a detailed overview of the renowned humanitarian programs the Church makes possible, including a worldwide human rights education initiative; far-reaching drug education, prevention and rehabilitation programs; a global network of literacy and learning centers; and the Scientology Volunteer Minister Program, which has become one of the world’s largest independent relief forces. The center is open for visitors to tour at their leisure and return as often as they wish.

In addition to community events in the name of civic collaboration, the Church’s Chapel provides for Scientology congregational gatherings, including Sunday Services, Weddings and Naming Ceremonies. The new Church further includes multiple seminar rooms and classrooms, in addition to dozens of rooms for Scientology auditing (spiritual counseling).

Ideal Church Organizations (Ideal Orgs) realize the fulfillment of Founder L. Ron Hubbard’s vision for the religion. They not only provide the ideal facilities to service Scientologists on their ascent to greater states of spiritual awareness and freedom, but are also designed to serve as a home for the entire community and a meeting ground for cooperative efforts to uplift citizens of all denominations.

The Grand Opening of the Ideal Church of Scientology and Celebrity Centre Grand Paris is a landmark moment in an already expansive 2024. Among the Ideal Orgs opened this year is the Church of Scientology Chicago, opened Sunday, March 3, in the heart of downtown on the city’s historic Printer’s Row; the Church of Scientology Del Valle, opened Friday, March 1, in Mexico City, rising 12 stories above the city’s iconic enclave; and the Church of Scientology Austin, opened Saturday, February 24, right across from the University of Texas campus on the bustling central corridor known as The Drag—all three Ideal Orgs dedicated in a historic nine-day run.

All told, the Church has opened new Ideal Organizations in major cities all over the world, including London, Birmingham and Dublin in the British Isles; throughout Europe in Brussels, Rome, Milan, Padova, Madrid, Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Copenhagen, Malmö, Amsterdam, Basel and Budapest; in the Middle East at Tel Aviv; all along the Pacific Rim at Tokyo, Kaohsiung, Auckland, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth; in South Africa at Johannesburg and Pretoria; more in Canada at Québec and Cambridge; and in the Latin American capitals of Mexico City and Bogotá.

The unprecedented expansion of Scientology is further represented by the opening of new Ideal Church Organizations across the United States, including New York City, Harlem, Buffalo, Washington, DC, Atlanta, Tampa, Orlando, Miami, Nashville, Cincinnati, Columbus, Detroit, Twin Cities, Kansas City, Dallas, Denver, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Portland and Seattle. And in California alone, at Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Gatos, San Jose, Silicon Valley, Ventura, San Fernando Valley, Pasadena, Los Angeles, Inglewood, Orange County and San Diego.

For a complete list of Ideal Churches of Scientology, visit

To disseminate Scientology’s message still further and answer the overwhelming interest about the religion, the Church launched its own satellite TV channel, Scientology Network, on DIRECTV Channel 320, which also live streams on, as well as on multiple platforms in 17 languages across 24 time zones.