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Crusading to Eliminate Drug-Related Devastation across New Zealand


Thomas Henry, Chairman of the Mangere Maori Wardens Association, is on a personal crusade to eliminate drug-related devastation and eradicate drug abuse among Maori youth. Through a joint Maori Warden/Church of Scientology campaign some 400,000 copies of The Truth About Drugs booklets have been distributed in New Zealand, made possible by the generous contributions of members of the Church of Scientology. “The resources that we’re getting from the Church of Scientology are helping our community and right across New Zealand. It’s touching a lot of people’s lives—even saving people’s lives.”

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Making Sure Young People Have The Chance He Never Did


UK TV Reality star Adam Kelly talks about the effect drugs had on his life and his role now as Ambassador of the Foundation for a Drug-Free World.

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Leading the Fight to Rid Mauritius of a Drug Plague

APRIL 20, 2015

Choolun Bhojoo, Deputy Commissioner of the Mauritius Police, is determined to wipe out his island nation’s drug epidemic. With the help of Foundation for a Drug-Free World he has mobilized the police throughout the southern sector of the island as a massive force to help youth avoid falling prey to the scourge of drug abuse.

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Helping Baja Youth Escape The Grip Of Drug Cartels

AUGUST 15, 2014

John Redman, Executive Director of Californians for Drug-Free Youth, helping Baja youth escape the grip of drug cartels.

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