DECEMBER 31, 2023

With the Shrine Auditorium packed to capacity, Scientologists closed the book on an unprecedented year, launching into a future of limitless horizons in 2024!

A night to salute another year of unrelenting global expansion…

A night to gaze upon infinite tomorrows…

A night to raise the roof and kick off a new year!

The grandeur of the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles set the stage for an elegant and exhilarating evening as more than 6,500 Scientologists and guests gathered for the spectacular Scientology New Year’s Celebration.

In an instant, the Shrine burst into a cascade of celebratory light and music. The audience leaped to their feet and remained standing throughout an opening concert featuring a succession of international artists.

Mr. Miscavige kicks off the event, closing the book on an unprecedented year and launching into a future of limitless horizons in 2024.

With anticipation already sky-high, the audience went stratospheric as Mr. David Miscavige, ecclesiastical leader of the Scientology religion, took the stage. The thunderous ovation reverberated through the grand hall, infusing the night with a surge of excitement and profound significance.

“As is traditional, our New Year’s Event is the night we tour the various sectors of L. Ron Hubbard’s Technology in application,” began Mr. Miscavige. After an edge-of-the-seat preview of what lay ahead for the breathtaking night, he added, “We aren’t just toasting a year gone by. Rather, we are going to ignite solid rocket fuel and blow the roof right off this auditorium as we lift off into New Year’s 2024!”

With that, Mr. Miscavige launched into a New Year’s Celebration in true Scientology style, presenting vivid stories of the Church’s explosive growth through the last year.


One measure of the growing presence of Scientology was supremely evident in its global humanitarian initiatives, assembling a worldwide force of volunteers that delivered 10 million hours of indiscriminate help.

In reply came gratitude from all over the world, with proclamations from:

  • The American Red Cross for “exceptional demonstration of compassion and unwavering commitment”;
  • Australia’s National Parliament for “the dedication and effort of your volunteers in our time of crisis”;
  • United Kingdom’s House of Commons “in recognition of going above and beyond”;
  • And from corridors of power everywhere else—more than 3,000 awards and recognitions in the name of building a better world.
  • All the while, the Church uplifted the world through Scientology Network, receiving accolades for broadcast programming and social responsibility—all amounting to more than 130 industry awards.

    At the same time, the online Scientology universe satisfied soaring curiosity about the religion, with visitors enrolling in an online course every two minutes—for a staggering 1.2 million course completions.

    But the number foretelling the greatest future yet is 5 million square feet of construction now in progress—and all to double Scientology’s global footprint across five continents.


    If such massive preparation demonstrated the expanding physical presence of Scientology, Mr. Miscavige next presented a whirlwind of achievements reflecting Founder L. Ron Hubbard’s Technology in application—unfolding a tapestry of exemplary stories, each illustrating the power of global programs committed to fostering social betterment, group prosperity and spiritual advancement.

    Association for Better Living and Education (ABLE), bringing to bear programs to counteract drug abuse, illiteracy, immorality and criminality.

  • In Italy, the motherland of a $30 billion drug trade and a nation with one of the worst addiction rates in Europe, but where a 40-year Narconon veteran executive is giving addicts a new life with LRH Drug Rehabilitation Technology. Such is the story of an expanding network of seven Narconon centers stretching up and down the Italian boot—salvaging another life from addiction every single day.
  • In the Netherlands, an Amsterdam-based group of Applied Scholastics educators employed L. Ron Hubbard’s Study Technology to overcome the educational barriers stemming from the inherent complexities of the Dutch language. After just 60 hours of tutoring, almost 90 percent of otherwise “hopeless” pupils tested above the national average. Subsequently, the Applied Scholastics team expanded across the city with no less than six centers, placing them in the top one percent of all tutoring centers nationwide—whereupon educators recognized Study Technology as the model to uplift all Dutch learning.
  • In Portland, Oregon, where, at the height of the pandemic, underlying passion and prejudice triggered more than 100 consecutive nights of rioting—all while a violent crime wave broke all records. But enter the city’s Church of Scientology with a mailing of nearly 44,000 copies of The Way to Happiness into riot hot spots, calling for Portlanders to live together in peace. At which point, call it magic or call it coincidence, the rioting stopped cold. Church teams and community groups further collaborated for hand-to-hand, one-on-one booklet distribution throughout the city, including every downtown resident—whereafter, crime plunged below pre-pandemic levels.
  • World Institute of Scientology Enterprises (WISE), disseminating L. Ron Hubbard’s Administrative Technology (Admin Tech) for group survival and prosperity.

  • From Australia came the account of larger-than-life twin brothers who are third-generation owners of their family home construction business. Since becoming members of WISE in 2019, the brothers have expanded the business from four cities in the company’s first 50 years to no less than 13 towns and cities today. The brothers virtually tripled expansion right through the pandemic, constructing nearly 1,000 homes, and so revitalizing the Great Australian Dream for first-time homeowners.
  • In Hungary, with foreign multinationals driving beloved domestic household brands out of the market, an entrepreneur and WISE member determined to boost the Hungarian economy through Hungarian-made products. Acquiring a nearly bankrupt household and personal care product manufacturer, he revived the company with Administrative Technology, expanding it 350 times over. But it was during the pandemic the company gained even greater prominence. For with global supply lines shut down, and imports suddenly unavailable, he reconfigured factory manufacturing lines to exclusively produce the country’s most needed and wanted product—sanitizer. Whereupon, he was officially named an “essential services provider,” ultimately supplying more than 5.5 million liters of sanitizer to the entire nation—from every supermarket to every school and hospital. At which point, his company earned award after award—until he was finally standing in the Hungarian Parliament to receive the nation’s prestigious Value and Quality Grand Prize.
  • And lastly, from South America, where a Hubbard College of Administration (HCA) Ecuador has graduated more than 11,000 Professionals on LRH Admin Tech courses. The HCA further consults businesses of every type, from a top producer of spices and teas, to a premier snack food company and even the world’s largest orchid exporter. In total, HCA Ecuador has brought Administrative Technology to more than 5,000 small and medium-sized businesses, representing a full six percent of the nation’s economic base—and all of which earned the HCA a recognition from the Office of the President for bolstering Ecuadorian industry to new heights of productivity.
  • International Hubbard Ecclesiastical League of Pastors (I HELP) and Scientology Missions International (SMI), the worldwide movement of Scientology Field Groups and Missions.

  • Taichung, Taiwan: In exemplary demonstration of pioneering Scientologists opening ever more new gateways to the Bridge came a father and daughter duo establishing the Superior Knowledge Group, and with a presence that amounts to an Ideal Group. In a land where ancient wisdom has given way to material success, the Group is dedicated to providing practical knowledge so necessary to true happiness and prosperity. Located in one of Taichung’s foremost high-tech industrial parks, Superior Knowledge is extending the Technology of Dianetics and Scientology across the city’s professional landscape—already prompting leading officials to proclaim, “You are creating a better future for Taiwanese society.”
  • The Czech Republic: It’s a nation where a burgeoning community of pioneering Scientologists are working toward the goal of establishing a full-fledged Ideal Organization. To precisely that end, an I HELP member determined to recruit an entire team to train abroad as Golden Age Auditors and Supervisors. Whereupon came the establishment of a brand-new Scientology Mission of Zbrojnicka in the city of Plzeň. Thereafter, the Mission embarked upon delivery of introductory services in cities the length and breadth of the Czech Republic and, concurrently, established even more new gateways to the Bridge—no less than 22 new Czech I HELP Groups and 4 new Scientology Missions. All of which, in turn, prompted a mayoral proclamation: “Scientology is bringing the Czech Republic to a better state.”
  • Modena, Italy: When the pandemic triggered national shutdowns, a dedicated Scientologist determined to seize the moment to create a new Ideal Mission—planning and renovating quarters for all Mission services. No sooner did restrictions end than a ribbon was falling at her Grand Opening. As an Ideal Mission, they not only provide all Scientology services to the State of Clear, but they also reach out with communitywide implementation of every Church-sponsored humanitarian initiative: Truth About Drugs, Youth for Human Rights, The Way to Happiness and Volunteer Minister disaster response. To date, they have already reached 1 million individuals with campaign materials, a full 23 percent of the region’s population. In gratitude, a regional legislative councilor proclaimed, “Thank you for implementing solutions changing our community for the better.”

    “That brings us to our New Year’s Awards Celebration and what historically marks our salute to a worldwide league of Power Field Staff Members,” announced Mr. Miscavige. Thereafter, a record number of more than 200 Field Staff Members stepped onstage, each receiving a Power FSM Pin, in recognition for having helped at least 100 individuals onto and up the Bridge to Total Freedom in a single year. Capping the awards was the acknowledgment of an unprecedented six Elite FSMs, each of whom helped at least 1,000 individuals onto and up the Bridge in just the last year.


    “We come to the culminating chapter of this New Year’s review and the crucial nexus between yesterday’s history and tomorrow’s destiny.”

    With that, Mr. Miscavige announced the completion of construction for all-new Ideal Organizations, scheduled for Grand Opening in the first two months of 2024:

  • In Austin, Texas, with an Ideal Org directly adjacent to the University of Texas and right on the city’s main social corridor, famously known as The Drag.
  • In Del Valle, Mexico, with a new Ideal Org rising 12 stories above one of Mexico City’s most culturally vibrant neighborhoods.
  • In Chicago, Illinois, with a new Ideal Org located within the famed Chicago Loop, in a restored landmark building along the city’s historic Printer’s Row.

    “Let’s now put the final exclamation point on this year and our launch-off into 2024, as in our traditional welcome to the world,” said Mr. Miscavige. With that, he previewed the Scientology message premiering at Super Bowl LVIII—an emphatic invitation for people to satisfy their curiosity and discover for themselves the answer to that question of questions: What is Scientology?

    In his final message for the night, Mr. Miscavige declared, “Now that we have crisscrossed the globe, traversing every sector of LRH technical application, revealing our global message for tomorrow and unveiling new Ideal Orgs for eternity, I invite you to sit back and consider how far we’ve come. And to likewise consider what you’re now a part of. Because, yes, this is a timeless moment in history and a tale that will be told and retold forever.

    “While, until forever, let every wristwatch in this house start ticking again. Because, we’re all now on the clock for that countdown to liftoff and a year for all the ages to come!”

    All at once, the Shrine erupted in a spectacle of light, confetti and jubilant song—a living metaphor for the start of a triumphant and boundless 2024!