NOVEMBER 5, 2023

Just steps from the historic Saint Hill Manor and United Kingdom’s Advanced Scientology Organization, crowds gathered to inaugurate a brand-new, built-from-the-ground-up facility dedicated exclusively for religious counseling and training of the Church’s ecclesiastical ministry in the UK.

The Grand Opening season truly commenced Friday evening, November 3, in the final chapter of the 39th International Association of Scientologists (IAS) Event. “It’s time to start cutting some ribbons,” declared Mr. David Miscavige, ecclesiastical leader of the Scientology religion. At which point, Mr. Miscavige proceeded to preview upcoming Ideal Church facilities scheduled for Grand Opening in the coming months.

Scientologists from across the UK fill the otherwise tranquil East Grinstead countryside with cheers for the dedication of the new UK staff enhancement facility.

So it was, just two days later, on Sunday, November 5, 2023, thunderous cheers next echoed across the Saint Hill grounds as the first of those ribbons fell, commemorating the opening of the United Kingdom’s staff enhancement facility. The brand-new 20,000-square-foot structure is designed to provide Scientology training and counseling to Saint Hill’s growing ecclesiastical ministry.

“This building’s importance cannot be overstated,” said Mr. Miscavige when previewing the new facility. “Especially when you consider: Saint Hill is where OTs are made for the UK continent. Moreover, it is from Continental Management, at Saint Hill, that UK expansion is generated. And since the ‘power’ that makes it all possible is the staff of Saint Hill, well, what more need be said?”

The new center contains a Staff College comprising six course rooms to accommodate training of more than 150 at any given time. The building’s lower ground floor is reserved for the Hubbard Guidance Center, where staff members receive spiritual counseling up to the Advanced Levels of the Scientology Bridge to Total Freedom—the very path Mr. Hubbard conceived at Saint Hill that guides an individual through a standard progression toward higher states of awareness and ability.

The facility stands within the High Weald, an officially designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Not only is the High Weald among England and Wales’ largest protected natural environments, but it is one of the finest surviving medieval landscapes in northern Europe—its ancient heathland, forests and sandstone hills remain unchanged since the 14th century. The Church worked with a local architect to model and style the building after typical structures found in the neighboring English countryside. The new building is both energy-efficient and eco-friendly, constructed with sustainable materials to minimize environmental impact.

Overall, this dedication marks but the latest expansion in the creation of an Ideal Sea Org Base for the United Kingdom in what has been an unrelenting era of expansion, including:

  • Saint Hill Manor, internationally renowned as the home of Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard, and among the most historically significant estates in Sussex, meticulously restored and renovated to its full splendor.
  • Expansion of the Advanced Organization and Saint Hill UK, featuring a brand-new wing, doubling the number of auditing rooms while also doubling the number of course rooms.
  • The creation of a new Saint Hill Refectory, erected next to the Castle, affording an unobstructed view of the beautiful Sussex countryside and a favorite gathering place for those attending Saint Hill’s many scheduled events.
  • Dedication of the Ideal Continental Liaison Office (CLO UK), located literally across the road from Saint Hill in the historic Fonthill Lodge—comprising five buildings on 43 expansive acres.
  • Restoration of the historic Stables as a dining facility for all Saint Hill crew.
  • The Walsh Manor on nine pastoral acres, likewise restored as Ideal berthing facilities for the staff of Saint Hill.
  • And the Bullards House, transformed to serve Church executives moving through administrative training at Saint Hill.

  • Altogether, and under Mr. David Miscavige’s dynamic leadership, the Church of Scientology has marked a period of unparalleled growth. Some 10 Ideal facilities are ready for Grand Opening in the months ahead across North America, Africa and Europe.

    For a complete list of Ideal Churches of Scientology, visit Scientology.org/IdealChurches.