NOVEMBER 12, 2023

To accommodate record numbers of European Scientologists traveling to Copenhagen for advanced religious services, the Church of Scientology dedicated an all new religious retreat in the heart of the city.

The Church’s Grand Opening season continued with a flourish as a massive crowd filled Vesterbrogade, Copenhagen’s bustling shopping street, for the dedication of the Nordland religious retreat.

On Sunday, November 12, Scientologists representing nations across Europe crowd Vesterbrogade, Copenhagen’s bustling shopping street, to celebrate the Grand Opening of the new Nordland religious retreat.

Just a five-minute walk from the Ideal Advanced Organization and Saint Hill Europe, the spacious five-story Nordland provides a convenient, cosmopolitan and distraction-free setting for Scientologists coming from all over Europe to participate in Scientology training and auditing (spiritual counseling).

“Every Organization that comprises our European headquarters is aligned to a single purpose: to help every being from Europe move up the Bridge to the highest states of OT,” said Mr. David Miscavige, ecclesiastical leader of the Scientology religion, when previewing the Nordland facility at the 2023 IAS Anniversary Celebration, held November 3 in Sussex, England.

The Nordland occupies a historic neoclassical building just minutes from Copenhagen’s iconic Tivoli Gardens, the world’s second-oldest amusement park. The building, originally constructed in 1889, has been fully preserved by the Church, including its slate roof and brick and terra-cotta façade. The building’s Copenhagen brick courtyard was also restored to pristine condition.

The religious retreat altogether comprises over 70 well-appointed rooms and features two eateries, each offering a diverse selection to satisfy parishioners from some 30 nations. The Café Natur offers delectable snacks throughout the day for those on breaks from Scientology counseling or training, while the Magnolia Restaurant likewise caters to parishioners, providing buffet-style cuisine and tableside service.

The newly dedicated Nordland marks the final component in the completion of an all-Ideal Sea Org Base for Europe and an area of explosive growth for the Church, including:

  • Dedicating the Ideal Advanced Organization and Saint Hill Europe and its 1887 historic home in Copenhagen city center. The multilingual Organization delivers the Advanced Levels of the Scientology Bridge to Total Freedom to Scientologists across the continent.
  • Inaugurating the Ideal Church of Scientology of Denmark—a restored 40,000-square-foot landmark constructed in 1796. The five-story building stands at the birthplace of the city and just steps from the Strøget, among Europe’s longest walking streets.
  • Opening the 98,000-square-foot Ideal Continental Liaison Office, housing the ecclesiastical management activities for every sector of Scientology around Europe—from the Advanced Organization, Churches, Missions and groups to the broadscale Church-sponsored humanitarian programs.
  • Creating a fully digital, on-demand printing facility, New Era Publications, to produce all L. Ron Hubbard Dianetics and Scientology books for Churches, Missions and groups across the continent.
  • Opening an expansive accommodations facility for Scientology ministry. The sprawling complex is situated on the shores of Køge Bay along the Danish Straits.
  • And fully restoring the Corona, located in Old Town, Copenhagen, now serving as ideal berthing facilities for Church ministry.

  • The Grand Opening follows just one week after the inauguration of a brand-new facility exclusively designed for religious counseling and training of the Church’s ecclesiastical ministry in the United Kingdom. The staff enhancement center stands just steps from the renowned Saint Hill Manor, historic home of L. Ron Hubbard.

    Altogether, and under Mr. David Miscavige’s dynamic leadership, the Church of Scientology has marked a period of unparalleled growth. Some 10 Ideal facilities are ready for Grand Opening in the months ahead across North America, Africa and Europe.

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