The Youth for Human Rights and United for Human Rights digital curriculums include lesson plans and resources to teach human rights in both real and virtual classroom settings.
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humanrights.com & youthforhumanrights.org

Both United for Human Rights and Youth for Human Rights International maintain interactive websites with the full array of resources available in 17 languages.

All human rights booklets, PSAs and The Story of Human Rights are available to download or order online. The websites feature an interactive virtual educational system for anyone teaching or learning basic human rights. The sites also provide step-by-step guidelines on how to start a local chapter or enter into a partnership with Youth for Human Rights or United for Human Rights. Together, these human rights sites are utilized by 1 million visitors each year. Materials available online include:

■ What are Human Rights? booklet

■ The Story of Human Rights booklet

■ “30 Rights, 30 Ads” public service announcements

■ The Story of Human Rights documentary

■ Key human rights documents, listings of human rights organization resources and stories of those who have championed human rights through the ages

■ A human rights petition available for anyone to sign, demanding that governments mandate human rights education in schools

■ Youth for Human Rights and Bringing Human Rights to Life Education Packages.

The YHRI and UHR digital curriculums include lesson plans and resources. Any teacher may enroll online and create a virtual classroom in which to conduct a full education program, with all student assignments performed directly on site and every element transformed into downloadable applications for mobile devices.

As with UHR and YHRI’s published materials, these online resources are all available at no charge.