The release of The Basics Books and Lectures means that every Scientologist can now study the foundation of the Scientology religion easily, rapidly and in chronological sequence, thereby gaining an unprecedented understanding of the religion and its application to life. Tens of thousands of Scientologists have done just that.

As but one measure of its impact, in the 50 years prior to the release of The Basics, a total of 39 million copies of L. Ron Hubbard’s written and spoken works on Dianetics and Scientology were in circulation. In just the first two years after their release in 2007, more than 60 million L. Ron Hubbard Books and Lectures were distributed.

With The Basics available in 15 languages, and the most basic of them in 50 languages, the total number of Dianetics and Scientology translations over the last decade is 10 times the previous five decades.

But, of course, the real significance of the recovery and restoration of Dianetics and Scientology materials can only be measured in terms of the lives of individuals. And by this yardstick, one finds once-recalcitrant teens now reviving spiritual values and once-broken families now in love with life (and each other).  One also finds new intelligence, regained happiness, competence and the many tangible fruits of true religious experience through the ages—and the attainment of spiritual freedom itself.  In short, Scientology books and lectures contain principles that millions have applied to achieve the most cherished goals of religion.