While L. Ron Hubbard's lectures had been previously assembled from around the world and stored in archives, the poor quality of the original recordings and deterioration of master tapes seriously impaired mass reproduction. Consequently, the project to restore these lectures only became possible with advances in computer and digital technology. To reclaim Mr. Hubbard’s lectures, the Church established one of the world’s most sophisticated sound restoration studios.

Mr. Miscavige was intimately involved with every aspect of this project. He dedicated thousands of hours to ensure that every word conformed precisely to Mr. Hubbard’s original works and that his recorded lectures were universally accessible. For only in this way can Scientologists chronologically study their religion in pure, unadulterated form.

No less crucial to this scriptural restoration program was the largest global translations project in Church history, with all beginning books of Dianetics and Scientology made available in fifty languages and The Basics available in sixteen languages.

Given the sheer quantity and range of these materials, a publishing strategy was needed to ensure their production was viable in any language and in any quantity, no matter how small or large. The realization of that strategy is Bridge Publications in Los Angeles and New Era Publications in Copenhagen, Denmark. Together these organizations comprise the world’s largest in-house, all-digital, print-on-demand publishing operation, cumulatively capable of printing 1.3 million books and producing 1 million compact discs weekly. 

Recovering, producing and broadly disseminating all materials of Dianetics and Scientology—this is the achievement of Mr. David Miscavige, and this is what will preserve Scientology for all eternity.