The Problems of Work Online Course

This interactive online course is designed to give you an understanding of the senior principles and laws contained in the book, The Problems of Work. These apply to every endeavor, every problem of work because they are discoveries that lay bare the core of these problems and explain the very fabric of life itself.

In this course you’ll learn:

  • The Anatomy of Confusion—and its cure 
  • The Doctrine of the Stable Datum—the most fundamental law of work, and living
  • The Anatomy of Control—and how to turn “bad control” to good control
  • The “Secret” of Efficiency 
  • The most fundamental elements of life—Affinity, Reality and Communication 
  • The Eight Dynamics—and how life can be understood by compartmenting it into eight main divisions 
  • And, the rock bottom cause of Exhaustion, with the powerful Scientology processes that return the energy of youth