To dramatically speed the progress of parishioners on their spiritual journey to the highest levels in Scientology, Mr. David Miscavige, ecclesiastical leader of the religion, inaugurated a program to establish Advanced Organizations on every continent. As the title implies, these organizations open wide the gateway to the highest spiritual levels. As another indication of the Church’s meteoric growth, in the previous five decades there were four Advanced Organizations. By 2009 three more were in the making, completing the Scientology global staircase to eternity.

Advanced Org & Saint Hill Europe

Located in Copenhagen, Denmark, the Church delivers advanced religious services to Scientologists from more than 50 nations. READ MORE »

Advanced OrganizationLos Angeles

At the top of the Ideal Pacifica Bridge stands the new Ideal Advanced Organization of Los Angeles. The Ideal AOLA, just steps from the Ideal ASHO, is the Gateway to OT for all ascending the Bridge on L. Ron Hubbard Way. READ MORE »

American Saint Hill Organization

Just beyond the Ideal Org of Los Angeles stands the new Model Ideal American Saint Hill—home to the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course and the legendary Power Processes. The Ideal ASHO is entirely transformed to accommodate unprecedented numbers moving up the Bridge with speed in this Golden Age of Tech Phase II. READ MORE »

Ideal Saint Hill United Kingdom

Saint Hill in East Grinstead, UK carries monumental significance in Scientology. It’s where Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard lived, researched and accomplished revolutionary discoveries on the spirit and life, and ensured the religion’s dynamic future. And with its dedication as Ideal, Mr. Hubbard’s vision is fully realized in the majesty that is the Ideal Saint Hill.  READ MORE »