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The Truth About Drugs: Creating a Drug-Free World
United for Human Rights: Making Human Rights a Global Reality
Citizens Commission on Human Rights: Restoring Dignity
The Way to Happiness: Creating a World of Honesty, Trust and Self-Respect
Scientology Volunteer Ministers: Something Can Be Done About It
Drug abuse and criminality, intolerance and inhumanity, disasters both natural and man-made pervade and degrade every segment of society. So daunting are these issues that efforts to eliminate them are all too often overshadowed by efforts to merely contain the damage.

In recognition of the vital necessity to stem the downward spiral, the Church of Scientology and its members sponsor secular education programs that effectively curb drug abuse, instill tolerance, raise awareness of human rights and uplift morality across whole populations.

The goal is at once bold and ambitious: to resolve broad planetary ills and arrest a creeping cultural decline, all while uplifting society by instilling commonly shared values. Based on decades of experience, the programs contribute to positive change for individuals, communities and indeed, whole nations. Whether through grassroots initiative or official implementation, these programs measurably improve conditions, hence demand grows exponentially.