The Narconon First Step Program is exactly what it is named—a “first step” to stop using drugs.

Narconon First Step staff work in their local communities delivering drug education seminars and events, steering at-risk kids away from drugs.

The First Step Program is a drug-free approach to withdrawal, designed to help an individual come off drugs without experiencing the painful withdrawal symptoms that can discourage a person from continuing with withdrawal.

With the Narconon First Step program, individuals addicted to alcohol or other drugs voluntarily attend an educational, hands-on workshop, accompanied by a supportive family member or friend. In the workshop, conducted over one or two days, the individual learns about specific nutritional supplements, communication drills and other procedures that help to diminish withdrawal pain. With the support of the friend or family member, they voluntarily step down off their addictions at whatever rate is workable for them.

Whether delivered from a doctor’s office or clinic, a community center or a church, the First Step Program results in a high percentage of addicted individuals successfully withdrawing from drugs and staying off them.

Alternatively, an individual may obtain Narconon First Step manuals and learn and apply the program on their own with the assistance of a family member or friend and under the direction of a competent medical professional.

“My son has been clean for almost five months now and my other son around three. My boys look and feel the best they have in years. They both are in control of their lives and are looking forward to their futures. It’s really great to look into their clear eyes, which also have their twinkle back!” —Parent of First Step graduates

“The Narconon First Step program worked for me. I feel better and have a whole new outlook on how life should be lived. I have respect and trust, something I haven’t had from anyone or for myself in a long time. I’m looking forward to my future helping others to go through the program.” —First Step graduate