Official Church of Scientology: Religious Worldwide Organization, Beliefs and Practices


The Church of Scientology is a worldwide religion comprising more than 8,600 Churches, Missions and affiliated groups, with millions of members in 165 countries. The Church is globally recognized as the supporter of some of the world's most successful social betterment programs.

The Church of Scientology is formed into an ecclesiastical structure which unifies and aligns a multitude of diverse religious activities, including not only ministering Scientology religious services and practices, but engaging in propagation and defense of the faith, production and dissemination of religious materials, organization of national and international religious convocations, missionary activities, coordination of community outreach and social betterment activities supported by the Church, ecclesiastical management, relay of communication and many other functions. The Scientology religious community is united both by common beliefs and practices and an organizational form uniquely suited to its religious mission.