Official Church of Scientology: Volunteer Ministers, Emergency Help in Disaster Areas Around the World.
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In response to escalating crime and violence through the latter 1960s and early 1970s, L. Ron Hubbard founded the Volunteer Minister Program. It was designed to provide practical tools for engendering understanding and compassion. Moreover, those tools were expressly conceived for use by Scientologists and non-Scientologists alike. Thus was born a broad-based movement of individuals from all walks of life dedicated to providing on-site assistance to communities around the world. Through the last 30 years, Scientology Volunteer Ministers have provided emergency service at 128 worst-case disaster sites.

While no one could have predicted the violence with which the events of 9/11 would tear away society's social veneer, Mr. Miscavige saw clearly that it was time Scientologists redoubled their efforts to aid their fellow man.  The now-legendary internationally issued directive was entitled The Wake-Up Call. It inspired astonishing growth of the Volunteer Minister program.  As of September 11, 2001, there were 6,000 Volunteer Ministers worldwide.  Today, they are among the world’s most recognized independent relief organizations with over 200,000 Volunteer Ministers on call internationally.

A Scientology Volunteer Minister does not shut his eyes to the pain, evil and injustice of existence. A Scientology Volunteer Minister is a person who helps his fellow man on a volunteer basis by helping restore purpose, truth and spiritual values to the lives of others. Volunteer Ministers live by the motto “Something can be done about it.”